Ok guys. Time to talk about something a little less fun, but definitely important, your Colorado marriage license.  The logistics of getting a Colorado marriage license are pretty easy. Most counties allow you to apply in advance online, and set up an appointment to go pick up your license. I strongly recommend setting an appointment in advance if you can. This has been particularly true in the last year with the uncertainty of what is open, and what is not, due to Covid. I generally recommend getting your Colorado marriage license from the clerk in the county you live in,

  Every once in a while I meet up with a couple that makes it very clear that the wedding ceremony is not their priority on their big day.  As someone who finds a great deal of comfort, and connection, through the arts of ceremony, and ritual, it makes my heart cry a little. I also take it as a personal challenge to convince those couples that the ceremony, and the rituals within, are the most important part of their entire wedding. I usually succeed. In simplest terms, Ceremony is when we join together in honor, or anticipation, of transformation.