Totally Awesome Ceremony


A customized ceremony, at your venue, that truly honors  the two of you.




Your Beliefs

Choose from three ceremony types. Religious, Spiritual, or Romantic. As an interfaith pastor I am well versed in ways to honor most faith paths, and I am always willing to learn new traditions. Not spiritual, or religious? No problem. I will write you a beautiful romantic ceremony.

Your Story

Your ceremony will be personalized to reflect your journey to this moment, and your unique love for one another. I wil ask you a series of questions to learn the how’s and why’s of your love for one another and weave them into your ceremony.

Your Style

We can incorporate readings, and  unity rituals, into your ceremony. Whether you pick them, or have me choose, we will find the words, and ritual*, to tie your ceremony together perfectly.




*supplies for unity rituals not included. You may either purchase them yourself, or I will gladly talk to you about creating a custom ritual kit for you.

Extra Awesome Upgrades!

Unique Unity Ritual

Sand, and Candles not really speaking to you? Choose from one of the custom unity rituals I have already invented, like my Chakra Handfasting,  or we can create one that is unique to just the two of you, based on your story, hobbies, lifestyle, and interests. Visit the Unity Rituals Page for examples.

$50 and up

Jessie truly went above and beyond for us! (No doubt she will for you too!) I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to making every single wedding she officiates the most special “Best Day Ever”!

Sarah and Chris

 Officiant Led Rehearsal

A well run rehearsal can make all the difference when it comes to how smoothly your wedding ceremony goes. After a good rehearsal your wedding party, and you, will feel confident about what to do on the actual day, relieving a great deal of stress for everybody.  I will lead the rehearsal, working with your coordinator, or planner if you have one. 


Totally Awesome Elopement

A simple ceremony for the two of you, and maybe a few of your peeps. 





Choose a Ceremony

Choose from 3 basic 10 minute ceremonies, and a selection of vows. 

Choose a location

We will meet a spot of your choosing and have a short but sweet ceremony. Will it be under a tree, on the shore of a lake, in a canoe, at a park? Let’s get creative and choose a fun spot for your elopement.

The fine print

Elopements are for just the two of you, and a few, (no more than a dozen), of your loved ones. There is no choreography. We pick a spot, gather round, and have a quick, but still awesome,  ceremony.


“We highly recommend Jessie, especially for any LGBTQIA+ weddings! Thank you for retelling our story and capturing the love that we feel for each other through your words. It was such a perfect day. Thank you!”

Mike and Jake

Let’s talk about price…

You may notice that, aside from a few a’la carte items, I don’t have prices listed. I prefer to do custom quotes. Pricing will depend on a variety of factors. I would love to chat with you and create a custom package that will fit your love story, and your budget.  Book a free consultation today

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